June 20th: Album Review

My  Recommendation  For this Month, is this little Masterpiece.
The Soundtrack of my Favourite Movie
Lost In Translation! The soundtrack was released in 2003. It is like the film: rare and beautiful!
It has 15 Songs, With one of the bests artist i ever known. Artists like Kevin Shields Air,Phoenix,Sebastien Tellier etc.
Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine made 4 tracks for this movie. I think every song match to this film and i love sofia coppola's Taste for great music and great movies! I know the movie is old and i think everyone know this movie and its soundtrack.And i Think this one need its own Post! 
Thank you Sofia!


1. Intro/Tokyo
2. Kevin Shields - City Girl
3.Sebastien Tellier - Fantino
4. Squarepusher - Tommib
5. Death In Vegas - Girls
6. Kevin Shields - Goodbye
7. Phoenix - Too Young
8. Happy End - Kaze Wo Atsumete
9. Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr - On The Subway
10. kevin Shields - Ikebana
11. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes
12. Air - Alone in Kyoto
13. Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr - Shibuya
14. Kevin Shields - Are you Awake?
15. Jesus and the Mary Chain - Just Like Honey

Enjoy It!

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