May 17th: Mix by Areoplane

Here is the new may mix! by Aeroplane

01. John Waynes : "Falling Leaves" (Social Disco Club Remix)
02. Rodion : "Alagoas Cowboys"
03. The Aikiu : "Just Can't Sleep"
04. Montauk : "Holiday"
05. Anthony's Games : "Theme From Sunshine Love"
06. Amari : "Tiger" (Cécile Remix)
07. Scissor Sisters : "Invisible Light" (Siriusmo Remix)
08. Headman : "Fluctuation" (Thee Loving Hand Remix Edit by T.G.)
09. Ost & Kjex : "Continental Lover"
10. Jori Hulkkonen : "I Am Dead" (CFCF Remix)

    Aeroplane "Chart Mix" May 2010 by Aeroplane (Official)

Enjoy it


may 15th: Holy Ghost again

I will come you!

I love these two guys so much great music!!!


May 10th: Hot Chip

i would hold you up again, if you ask me!


May 9th: The Swiss

happy Mammy day!



May 3rd: Album Review


Caribou - Swim

1. Odessa
2. Sun
3. Kaili
4. Found out 
5. Bowls
6. Leave House
7. Hannibal
8. Lalibela
9. Jamelia

Swim is the third Studio Album of Daniel Snaith aka Caribou or Manitoba. and actually a Prof. for mathematics!
The Album has 9 tracks they take us to a great psychodelic trip, like all the tracks of his old Albums but i think in a new way. His first single Odessa needs only one word "Delicious". He always get this old and ruffy sound on his songs. its incredible. the album was released on 21.04.2010! get this album !

My Opinion:
I Love This Album.but not only Odessa is great,actually i think every song on this album has a good potential to be a catchy song. try this album out! when you love psychodelic sounds like these. 
 I Think caribou, has a great way to make music he is very unique. his songs sound always diffrent and not boring and this is the reason why i love this sort of music. there are not enough musican who make this kind of music in my opinion!
Check his other albums too! you wont me disapointed.

Album: 5/5 Stars
Cover: 5/5 stars

Bio: Daniel Victor Snaith (born 1978), better known by the Stage Names: Caribou and Manitoba, is a Canadian Musican.


As Manitoba

As Caribou:

My Favourites of Swim are:
Odessa,Sun,leave house and Bowls

My Alltime Favourites are:
Melody Day, sandy,She's the one and Lemon Yoghurt.

Enjoy it!