April 2nd: Album Review

1. Love In Outer Space
2. Somewhere In Space
3. Dark Coluds with Silver Linings
4. Jazz and Romantic Sounds
5. When Angels Speak Of Love
6. Cosmo Enticement
7. Song Of Tree and Forest
8. Other Worlds
9. Journey Outward
10. Lights of a Satellite
11. Starships and Solar Boats
12. Out There A Minute
13. Next Stop Mars

In my Last post i mention that Sun Ra is a big artist for me.
My love to his music started last year
I didnt know who he is! but then i started love his way to made music.
Here one of his great Albums.
My Recommdation for you in April:
Was released in 1960, has
13 nice tracks, tracks from outer space
Great saxophones, nice beats

My Favorites:
Love in Outer Space 
Starships and Solar Boats
Somewhere In Space
Jazz and Romantic Sounds

Enjoy it!

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