Febuary 2nd: Blog Entry: Soundtracks

well...I'm a huge fan of soundtrack's
at least a good soundtrack makes a good movie
every scene with the perfect sound IMPORTANT IMPORTANT!
thats what i need for my life the perfect soundtrack
but i guess that will be the largest song list ever

well my top 10 soundtracks

1.Lost In Translation
2.The royal Tenebaums
3.Across The Universe
4.Ghost world
5. Death Proof
6.The virgin suicides
7.Eternal sunshine of the sportless mind
8.Breakfast at tiffany's
9.Sweeney Todd
10. Marie Antoinette

1 Kommentar:

  1. oh your favorite soundtruck is my favorite too :D
    but i dont know royal tenebaums !
    i will check it ,thanks :)
    good night
    and please link naomi+chop english ver !! :)